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Toraja Trekking
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1 Day Makassar City Tour

8 Hours
Sightseeing within Makassar City visiting Bantingmurung National Park, the home for many endemic species of butterfly and the waterfall; Fort Rotterdam, an old fort build on 1545 and taken over by the Dutch during the colonial time; and the Traditional Harbour of Paotere
Traditional Village of Toraja Land
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1 Day Toraja Tour from Palopo Port

10 Hours
Experience the highland, friendly people and charming hospitality and the unique culture of Toraja Land, The Land of The Heavenly King. Toraja Ancient Stone Grave to be explored and exotic cultures to be experienced. Visit Toraja Land while the culture still intact.
Tau Tau of Toraja Land
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Toraja Tour, Sulawesi

The Land of The Heavenly King Toraja Tribe, its located in a Regency of South Sulawesi called Toraja Land, a picturesque mountainous region that...
Bira Beach View
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Bira Beach

BIRA BEACH TOUR Bira beach is a leading tourist attraction in Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi. Bira beach is located in the southernmost tip of...
Takabonerate Underwater
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5 Days Takabonerate Diving Tour

5 Days
TAKABONERATE DIVING Takabonerate, the third biggest atoll in the world Take the advantage of our Special Offer this year! We are an ecologically...
Toraja House
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4 Days Toraja Tour Promo

4 Days
TORAJA TOUR PROMO 2015 Take the advantage of our Special Offer this year! We are an ecologically sensitive tour operator specializing in giving...